As most of you know by now, but some of you may not…

For the past few years, I’ve dreamed of travel, but my time and place was in Vancouver. The turn of 2011 saw me finally wrapping up my degree. I had only one simple, yet powerful new years resolution: make this year the best year of my life. After finishing up my schooling this January, I decided to make my dream of seeing the world a reality, but needed $. The solution? A working holiday! In one hectic month I got a work VISA, my dream job and was shipping off with a one way ticket to Australia. With no time to prepare (I hadn’t even had a chance to really look at a map of Australia) I didn’t know what to expect, but was excited for a big adventure-bring on the unknown!

I worked for a year for a mid sized mining and exploration company (think gold, copper and molybdenum…) in the outback of central Queensland… my schedule, I reckon, was near ideal for travel: 4 weeks in camp, 3 weeks off. Long enough to get away and see some places. Days in camp were long (86-90 hr work weeks!), but it’s all about the give and take. I’m also lucky enough to have friends all over the world, and with a little creativity, have managed to combine my breaks with some pretty awesome adventures with them to create a synergy of exponential awesomeness…

Currently, I’ve finished work as of early 2012 and am spending the next year travelling around the globe :D

As you may know, I’m not the best at email correspondence, so this was my best option for keeping in touch and sharing what I’m up to. I feel it’s a good medium. Don’t forget to subscribe, top right:) Maybe we’ll even get the chance to meet up in some foreign land, who knows. Life can be an exciting adventure if you really want to make it that way. Cheers mate!

Cairns: Living the Australian dream…

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