• 2005 September – December: Backpacked around South East Asia for a semester. 2 months with my friends Pat and Dan (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand) and the rest solo (Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali, Lombok), Singapore, Bangkok). Caught the travel bug.
  • 2010 Summer: Inspired by my friend Phil’s travel blog about his recent move to Oz, the wish of doing a working holiday in Australia becomes a goal.
  • 2010 Fall: Spent too much time inspiring myself online. Get the crazy idea of an extended trip and become determined to fulfill my longstanding dream of travelling literally, around-the-world. Wanting to experience the world properly, I realize this will be a multi-year undertaking.


  • January: Full commitment to obtaining a job in Australia, and planing for subsequent around the world trip.
  • February: Leave Vancouver for Sydney, Australia.
  • March: Start work in the Outback of Queensland as an exploration geologist.
  • April: First break from work spent in Brisbane (w/Elspeth) & Byron Bay (w/Jeff, Jeff & Laurel) on the East Coast of Oz; and 2 weeks in Perth (w/Phil, Andrei & Marty) on the West Coast of Oz. Multiple hospital visits and intravenous antibiotics for severe leg infection.
  • May-June: Second break from work. One month in Malaysia (including 3 weeks in Borneo) with dream team Corinne, Vince and Steph.
  • July: Visit Tyler, Mike, John & Hiromi in Japan for 17 days. Return via 5 days in Raylay, Thailand with Vince & Corinne, 1 day in Perth with Phil & Marty & 1 day Brisbane with Elspeth.
  • September: 2 week road trip around New Zealand with Kevin, Jeroen & Casey.
  • October: Break spent exploring Qld in a 1970s VW Kombi van with colleague Tatjana.
  • November-December: “Project Island Mist” – Expedition to the Mentawais (chain of islands 100km off the South Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia) with Phil & Marty.
  • Dec: Singapore stopover
  • December: 3000km Road trip from Darwin to Cairns with Damian.
  • Xmas: Camping in Northern Queensland with Damian and Allison. Snorkelling great barrier reef with Tyler!
  • New Years: Join forces with Liz & Sophie for Maggie Island New Years.


  • January: Finish geology work with Ivanhoe. Rent a camper van and drive the East Coast of Oz from Cairns to Sydney to see cousin Brian.
  • February: 2 week road trip with my parents from Sydney, NSW, to Melbourne, VIC and the Great Ocean Road.
  • Late Feb: Final 2 weeks in Oz: Melbourne, Torquay (Bells Beach) and Darwin.
  • March-April: A 10 day stopover turns into a magical 2 months in Indonesia, spent equally btw Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.
  • May: One month living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh with Marty.
  • June: Thailand and Laos.
  • June 27 – July 8: 10 Days in Paris with Charmaine, Lisa & Gwen.
  • July 8-11: Birthday in Berlin with mah lil’ sister! :)
  • July-August: “EuroTrip2012” (with Rory, Lisa & Blairsy) kicks off in Amsterdam and includes the low-lands (Netherlands, Belgium), Scandanavia (Denmark, Sweden, Finland), the Baltics (Estonia, Latvija, Lithuania), Prague and Bavaria. Visits with Jeroen, Klaus & Marty!
  • August: Kaelyn’s pad in Berlin used as home-base for excursions in Germany.
  • August 27 – Sept 17: “You Only Live Once Tour” – Southern France & Spain: Catalunia (Valencia, Barcelona), Basque Country (Bayonne, Biarritz, San Sebastian) and the French Riviera/Cote D’Azur with Lenny, Charlotte and Andrei.
  • Late September: 2 weeks exploring Germany with my Mom & sisters.
  • October: A month in Morocco.
  • November: Spain again! (Girona, Barcelona).
  • Nov 7-11: London stopover.
  • The last hurrah: Iceland. Exploring the edge of the continents; the edge of the world. Surfing in -2 dec C :P

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