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The tattered remains of The Asia Invasia Trip blog (circa 2005)

Friend’s Websites

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many talented individuals. Here’s some who you can find on the inter-webs.


Phil – The Feel Good Lifestyle

I was lucky enough to share in parts of Phil’s journey while in Australia, and TFGL is the blog which his business and life is currently built around. It’s been a joy and inspiration watching his continual transformation and growth; inspiration which it’s his mission to impart on others to improve their lives.

The Australian Dream (One of the things that originally inspired me to come to Australia in the first place!)

Andrei – Drizzle’s Epic Adventures

Bob – Ice Cream Shout

Bob kindly let us crash at his place whilst in Osaka. He has some bands on the side and I’m digging his music. He’s so unassuming, yet so talented! Here’s a great article on him HERE. See also:

Martin – Northern Surf Life

Marty is an awesome guy and one of the most talented people I know. We’ve shared some GTs and unforgettable moments during our time together in Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sweden and here’s to more of those to come.

Georgie T – Youtube Chanel

We met while living on a clifface in Bali, overlooking some of Indo’s most famous surf breaks. He was wrapping up a 6-month stay in Indo, his 5th year doing so.

Kyle – Nah Dog

The blog of the lyrically gifted Kyle Stevenson will put all yalls writing to shame. Part man, part Merlin, he currently resides somewhere on the Korean peninsula.

Evan Timpy – Kook Pretzel

Evan is a budding surf-travel journalist. After a chance meeting in Bali, we travelled around Indonesia for 3 weeks together hunting waves with varying degrees of success.

Vince – Vincent’s Ramblings

One of my partners in crime in SouthEast Asia during Season 1.

Ilya –

Another inspiring friend, Ilya took a big plunge and made the move to Brazil, where he is taking on the world in positive ways as a socially conscious teck-entrepreneur.

The stories in my head

Callum –

Liz – Liz Aye Youtube

I met Liz and partner in crime Sophie while backpacking Australia’s East Coast, while they were living the dream on their own yearlong around-the-world tour.

Robert Nathan – Epic Word Quest

Another former swimmer, Rob is a well travelled guy currently living in India. Check out his blog based on a really cool writing concept-I won’t spoil the plot here!


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