Flashback No.2

Dec. 2013

Around this time last year, in the greyness of winter I had a flashback to warmer times.  In honour of the cold winter days we’re having, here’s another Indonesian flashback…


Moroccan Moments

Marrakech – October 30th, 2012

“Much I have traveled in the realms of gold,
And many goodly states and kingdoms seen…”
-John Keats, On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer

Some clips from a month in spent exploring, chilling and chasing waves where the desert meets the sea.

Making this video brought back a lot of fond memories of the people I met and hung out with during that trip. It’s the people you meet that make trips special and makes them what they are.

Song is an acoustic cover of Lazy Eye by the Silversun Pickups.

A warm flashback on a cold day.

December 30, 2012 – Strait of Georgia

It’s times like these when it’s rainy and grey (true westcoast winter!), I close my eyes and remember the times spent on the tropical beaches, the people I met and the waves we surfed…

Hope this successfully shares some of the joy of travel and feeling of adventure that were experienced :)

The clips are mostly from West Sumbawa and South Lombok, as well as some from Bali, Sumatra and the Mentawais. So pretty much exclusively Indonesia. The airport at the start is Padang on Sumatra, and the ferry is the crossing of the Alas Strait between Lombok and Sumbawa.

The surf breaks shown are: Supersuck, YoYo’s and Tropicals on Sumbawa; Grupuk Bay, Are Goleng and Tanjung A’an on Lombok; Bingin and Uluwatu on Bali; and Burger World in the Mentawais. :) Song is Congo by Vancouver’s Bear Mountain.

Land of the Lines

Words and video by Georgie, a friend I made here in Bali while he was finishing up a 6 month stay. I think he speaks for many of us who’ve spent time here. Images are from Bali and West Sumbawa:

The Luckiest Boys in the World

We come from everywhere; Brazil, Hawaii, Australia, Tahiti, France, England, Spain, Africa, you name it. Like the lost boys of Peter Pan we live on an enchanted island surrounded by magic, steeped in the mystical at every turn.

And danger, yes. The corrupt Cops our Captain Hook; the massive swells, the sharp reefs, sweeping currents, tropical disease, relentless heat and deadly animals. Our lives a mélange of languages, mixed blood, exotic scents, monsoons and perfect swell.

We breathe in the belonging of a place that will never belong to us. This has been our home and the magic has been imprinted on our souls. Can we ever go back to normal life?

New Zealand: Now that’s how you do a roadtrip!

Howdy all!

Ok, so I’m still working on getting this place up to date on all that’s happened. You’ll have to excuse me, for I was interrupted on my last break by one of the funnest, randomest roadtrips ever.

on another stunning, empty beach at the end of a random gravel road. AMAZING!

I recently returned from a multi-week roadtrip to New Zealand. The timing was perfect as my friend Kevin (at Uni of Auckland on exchange) had his spring break (yeah… reverse seasons) perfectly coinciding with my break. Say no more! After resolving some initial passport issues, I hopped a plane over to NZ and the rest is history. We toured around North Island NZ with two awesome new friends who are also on exchange with Kev: Jeroen (from Holland) and Casey (from Oregon). In a less-than-sexy but still “funtional” rental car dubbed ‘Candi’, Kev, Jeroen (aka J-Whiz) and I first toured around the top of the North Island, before being joined by Casey for the second week… Wow, all I can say is that NZ has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world! Amazing scenery and constantly changing landscapes, a tectonically active chunk of earth with lots of geothermal & volcanic activity to check out. Amongst it, I was lucky enough to catch up with my fellow UBC friends Alison and Hannah, and share a few escapades. The trip was jam-packed and full of highlights:

Giant sand dunes, spiritual Cape Reigna, hot springs, hiking on the slopes of a volcano (Mt Taranaki), surfing, camping, tubing through glow-worm filled caves, cheering for the All-Blacks during the rugby world cup opener, giant kauri trees, getting lost down gravel roads, meeting new friends, finding amazing beaches and waterfalls down random side-roads, seeing Kiwi birds and yes, what’s a trip to NZ without bungee jumping! (which turned out to be admittedly scarier than anticipated).

Casey has a great account of the second half of our trip on her blog (I purposely didn’t bother to write about a lot of the details because she’s already done it for me:). It’s much better and more detailed than this one lol, so definitely go and check it out here:


Spending our final few days at the world famous surf hamlet of Raglan made me really question returning to work haha. If I had no commitments I would still be there now, guaranteed! Don’t tell the Aussies, but reckon I liked NZ more than Australia! A great time catching up with old friends and making some new ones. Can’t wait to go back.

Hope you’re all well, and I promise I’ll have more updates in the near future!

Pictures of our entire trip HERE. There were 3 of us with cameras, so we got a lot of good ones!

Cheers, Erich

our happy little family, including Colby the Kiwi

group photo at Cathedral Cove on the Cormandle Peninsula, NZ

Kevin at the giant Te Paki sand dunes

We drove down a random back road… and found this!

Casey, Kev and I at the beautiful Mt Taranaki stratovolcano

Alison joining us for some kayaking in the Bay of Islands

body surfing at Spirit Bay

Casey at “craters of the moon” geothermal park, near Taupo

Taupo hot springs

exploring an old gold mining district

Cape Reigna, the northern tip of NZ

Cathedral Cove

Kevin disappointed after finding out the waterfall we thought was going to be 36m tall was actually just… 3.6m tall.

Getting our surf on at Raglan beach

Only the beach break was working, but it was still fun as!

our adopted mascot, ‘Colby’ waves bye from Lake Taupo